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By reading this surah waqiah, a person will never fall into poverty, and all of that person's needs will be fulfilled.
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Sep 24, 2021
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By reading this surah waqiah, a person will never fall into poverty, and all of that person's needs will be fulfilled.

Each Surah in the Qur'an has many healing benefits. Surah Al-Waqiah is one that has tremendous benefits from reading it. There is a hadith related to reading Surah Al-Waqiah.

Our Prophet (SAW), said in a hadith, “Whoever recites Surah Waqiah at night will never experience poverty” (Ibn Sunni 620).

Another Hadith from our Prophet (SAW) says, “Surah Waqiah is a Letter of Wealth, so read it and teach it to your children” (Ibn Asakir).

Many Ulama and Shaykhul Hadith discuss this and state that we should all make it a habit to read Surat Waqiah every night after Isha. Some say reading after Maghrib, but after Isha is the best.

God willing, if you are experiencing times of financial need, please start reading Surah Al Waqiah. Make sure you recite Durood/Salawat Ibrahimi (3 times, or 11 times) before reciting Surat Waqiah, and then after you finish reading the prayer, recite Durood/Salawat Ibrahimi again (3 times or 11 times). Reading shalawat will make it easier for you to read it, and will take your prayer directly to the throne of Allah SWT. And you get blessings for sending blessings to our Prophet (SAW).

Remember, Allah SWT is always there for us and will NEVER leave us under any circumstances He knows we can't handle it. He will always provide for us in ways we do not know and cannot imagine.

*History of Revelation*
According to the commentators of the Quran, the Surah Waqiah surah is a Meccan surah, that is, it was revealed during the Meccan period of the prophet Muhammad (Sal Allaho Alehi Wasallam). Some commentators, though not a majority, argue that some of it was passed down during the Medina period. Some of these commentators argue that verses 39-40 are verses dating from the Medina period, while some say 81-82, and others say 83.

Traditional Egyptian chronology places the chapter as the 41st chapter in the order of revelation (after Al-Tur), while the Nöldeke Chronology (by orientalist Theodor Nöldeke) places it as 46th. The position of the surah in the Qur'an, which is not determined by the order of revelation, is as the 56th sura, right after Ar-Rahman which deals with some related topics. Some commentators, such as Ahmad ibn Ajiba consider Al-Waqi'a as a continuation of Ar-Rahman.

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