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Helpful pediatric app for pediatricians, developed by a pediatrician. Helps with:
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Daniel Gräfe
Jun 13, 2017
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Helpful pediatric app for pediatricians, developed by a pediatrician. Helps with:

Body percentiles
: Calculation of several somatic percentiles (height, weight, head circumference, BMI etc.) according to: Kromeyer-Hauschild et al. 2001;
Hesse et al. 2016/2017; Braegger C et al. 2011 (Züricher Longitudinalstudie);
KiGGS study RKI 2013; WHO Growth Charts; CDC Growth Charts 2000; Zemel et al 2015 (Mb Down)

Blood Pressure percentiles: Normal values for blood pressure according to: KiGGS study RKI 2013; AHA 4. Task Force Report 2005

Pediatric Echocardiography: Z-Scores for pediatric echocardiography according to: Gautier et al. 2010; ; Kampmann et al. 2000; Zilberman et al. 2005; Peterssen et al. 2008; Dallaire et al. 2011; Dallaire et al. 2016; Koestenberger et. al 2009, 2012, 2012, 2014

Fetal echocardiography: Z-Scores for fetal echocardiography according to: Lee 2010

Birth percentiles: Calculation for term and preterm newborns according to: Voigt et al. 2006; Fenton TR, Kim JH. A systematic review and meta-analysis to revise the Fenton growth chart for preterm infants. BMC Pediatr. 2013; 13:59

Spirometry normal values: Spirometric z-scores and normal values according to: Quanjer, P.H. et al. 2012

Kidney percentiles: Z-Scores for ultrasound according to: Deeg/Weitzel et al. 1997; Weizel 2012

Syringe pump: Calculates Dosage or other parameters

Gestational age: No more counting days/weeks in calendars

QTc calculator: Corrected QT interval, QTc, either by RR-Interval or heart rate

Body surface area: BSA according to Mosteller or DuBois

ECG normal values: For Children and adults according to Park MK and Guntheroth WG 2006

Target height: Estimated target height calculated by their parent's height according to Hermanussen et al 2003

Hyperbilirubinemia: Thresholds for phototherapy and exchange transfusion according to the german AWMF guideline 024 – 007

No warranty. Use it only as control to your own calculations

What's new

- Implementation of new growth data for the body percentile calculator: Z-Scores for many somatic parameters by Hesse et al. (2016, 2017, german longitudinal data)
- New LV strain z-scores for echocardiography according to Dallaire et al. 2016


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